Emily for Mayor!

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June 2019.  The minute the announcement appeared in our local paper, I knew the perfect candidate for Mayor of the Springville Dog Park was living with us: a black and white Havanese Terrier named Emily who we rescued from a shelter in Thousand Oaks that specializes in small dogs. At first sight, I noted something special about the little dog in the corner. Maybe it was her straightforward gaze when our eyes met. It was a “I’m not one of these second-fiddle shelter dogs” look that set her apart from the other dogs hoping for a home. Or maybe it was the way she lay, curled up in a cute puppy-ball that screamed – “Pick Me! I’m the best!” Or maybe it was just plain Emily who out-charmed, out-smarted, out hoodwinked all the rest.

While my husband checked out all the other pups, I’d made my mind up. Emily was coming home with us. She’d have to make her peace with our other three dogs, but I had no doubt Emily would fit in with Annie, Maddie and our imperious Pomeranian, Sadie-Mae. I just didn’t know where she’d fit. She not only fit. She took over. Back to the mayoral campaign.

Jim and I promptly submitted her shot record, proof of spaying and twenty-five-dollar entrance fee. All she needed was a statement of purpose and a campaign blurb. Jim and I sat down with the presumptive Mayor and discussed her up and coming campaign with special note of her five opponents. Different breeds. Different proposals. Different Vision for the dog park.

Then we took her to the dog park to meet her rivals and begin her campaign. No surprise. She  won everyone’s hearts, hands down. She wagged her tail. She smiled a big smile. Showed off those big, brown eyes that insisted: VOTE FOR ME! I’M EMILY!

Here are excerpts from her campaign pitch: “Hi! I’m Emily and my campaign slogan is “Tear Down This Wall.” Okay, it’s a fence, but you get the idea. I’m a lover and a unifier. I was rescued so nobody really knows my story, but that they think I have a bit of Havanese in me. That makes me a Cuban immigrant. I am black and white and brown, so I’m open to all colors. The shelter took care of my reproductive organs, so that’s not an issue either. I live with three sisters and mostly get along. Vote for me!”

Emily’s Mayoral Statement

“My humans are all twisted up about the election season we are entering. I’m joining them in being concerned about having effective representation for the whole pack of us who enjoy taking our humans to the Dog Park so ably run by the Pleasant Valley Park and Recreation District. They think they are doing us a big favor, but while we are sniffing, barking, and chasing, they are building friendships and socializing too. I’ve seen my pack siblings recover from horrible things. I’ve seen puppies being taught to behave by older dogs, dogs being gentle and deferential to older ones and unafraid to stand up for their rights or defend their humans. Lots of good lessons ae taught and learned at the Dog Park. My job as Mayor will be to make sure the story of our Dog Park is heard by the folks who decide where to spend our scarce Park and Recreation dollars, and to lead the people and pups who use the Dog Park, and chip in for maintaining and improving the Dog Park when they can. I promise to be a good Mayor and to look out for the needs of all the pups and people who care for them so much.” Vote for Emily!    

The big question remained: Who would win?  Unfortunately, the humans stepped in. One person complained there was voter fraud, so the election results will never be known. Imagine!