August 31, 1984. I wrote about this trip to the Miller/Campbell crime scene in the first chapter of my book. But now that I have a blog, I decided to include a few photos so readers could get the look and feel of what it was like for me to be there. John let me go where I wanted and take photos of what I wanted. Then I handed the camera to him. The photo of me sitting on a rock and pointing to a bush was the area where Bradford dragged Tracy Campbell’s corpse. The other photo of me standing on a rock looking down, is me viewing the same crime scene.

The photos of me in front of the large rock formation is the spot where Bradford took several photos of Shari Miller in two different outfits: cut-off jeans and a blue dress. It’s easy to see how those rocks were John’s best evidence because (as he told Bradford when he interviewed him) there was no way to doubt those photos could have been taken anywhere else. The rocks are the same – crack for crack, line by line, space by space. I can only imagine what the jury must have thought when they came to the desert and compared Bradford’s photos with the police photographer’s photos. The evidence was good as fingerprints.

Being with John at the locations where Bradford murdered Shari and Tracy was an eerie, creepy feeling. When the wind whistled, the bright sun shone, and coyotes howled, I could almost see Shari and Tracy fighting for their lives in this godforsaken place. It made me more determined than ever to tell their story.